Impasse Rescue (2020)

Genre: Action, History, War
Quality: Year: View: 119 views

Li Zhuifeng, a famous general of Shenzhou, and some soldiers in Beipo City are surrounded by Shaman’s 100,000 troops. The leader of Shaman intentionally releases the envoy of Gandang City. Huang Zizai, Vice General of Gandang City, understands what Shaman plans. To save Li Zhuifeng, he goes alone to a city in the oasis to ask for help, where he meets many people of vision, and organizes an army of 800 warriors. After overcoming dangers and difficulties, they finally meet Li Zhuifeng. Just then Shaman attacks again. Seeing Li Zhuifeng and the soldiers trying to guard the city regardless of their lives, Huang Zizai and the army are deeply moved, and work together to resist Shaman’s army. Finally, Shenzhou’s army arrives, and eliminates Shaman’s army.


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